Give the Gift of Time - It's NOT too late!

Looking for a THOUGHTFUL last minute gift?

Exclusive Dry Cleaners has the gift of time for people you care about

You can’t go wrong with a gift card from Exclusive Dry Cleaners. Make your selection and purchase online, and your friend’s and family will enjoy a fast, easy, reliable door-to-door dry cleaning experience. You love us, and they will too! Shopping for the person who has everything is hard. And Chrismas is almost here! A gift card for a valuable service will ease up their lives, and save them some precious time.

Give them the

Gift of Time

Perfect for that person in your life who can use some help getting organized and staying on top of getting things done. A gift certificate from Exclusive Dry Cleaners saves your friends and family from a trip to the dry cleaners with an armful of dirty laundry and saves them the trip back to pick up their items. Your gift saves them that hassle. We offer denominations from $50-500, or your choice to suit any budget. Worried your recipient won’t have anything to dry clean? We also pick up drapes, carpets, camping gear, duvets and other large items that may be due for a cleaning. Gift yourself while you are at it too!

The Gift Card has made a complete comeback. The choices for type of card and amounts, and the length of time available to spend the card is as varied as the individual. In fact now gift cards have a great reputation for being a very useful gift - what do you get the person who has everything? You don’t want your gift to be a burden to someone if you get them what they already have. It could even introduce them to some fun new interests. In fact, with the emergence of online communities like Bunz and other trading sites, an undesirable card can be exchanged for a more useful card with someone in the community. Everyone wins and finds something for everyone.