When in Doubt, Send it to the Cleaners

We have all had that moment of pause at the laundry machine where we stop and ask ourselves, is this item safe to go in there? Is my beloved sweater going to come out in the same shape, will I still be able to fit these pants? What material is it again that gets crumpled in the machine and can seemingly never get ironed quite right again?


Down feather explosions, shoe soles that are never the same forever more, expensive fabrics looking like third-generation hand me downs. The washing machine is not your best friend when it comes to some of your precious or more delicate things.

When in doubt, send it to the cleaners, we’ll know what to do!

Exclusive Dry Cleaners will pick up and deliver your items, just make the request with our easy app.

If the label says “DRY CLEAN ONLY”, it is for your own good and for the sake of prolonging the life of your clothing to listen to this instruction! Larger items cannot be crammed into your machine, let us save you the trip to the jumbo supersized machines at the far-away laundromat. Our qualified, knowledgeable staff will assess the item to be cleaned at the pick up. Higher ticket items like down jackets, suede or carpets will have quotes provided to you ahead of the cleaning being done for your approval.

Did you know that we also do tailoring and we clean leather, suede, purses, handbags, shoes and more? And we come right to your home or office.

So don't feel like you have to do this alone! All you need is to follow these 3 easy steps to setup an order with Exclusive Dry Cleaners:

  1. Setup your order on www.exclusivedrycleaners.ca or on our app.

  2. Collect your dry cleaning with our Exclusive Dry Cleaners garment bag or any bag (if this is your first order).

  3. Put out your bag on your pickup day.

It's so simple and you let the experts handle your garments! 

Get your own Exclusive Dry Cleaners Premium Grament Bag!!

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