How to store your coat and boots to survive another season

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

The sun has finally peeked through the budding branches, spring flowers sprouting from the ground and the sound of birds means spring is here! This is also our cue to trade in the big winter wear for the lighter jacket, swap in the heavy snow boots for rain boots. But wait, you can’t just pack those heavy winter items away to the back of the closet as they are. A little TLC is needed first to ensure they will be wearable next winter season. Remember that Exclusive Dry Cleaners can take care of your coats, down jackets, Uggs and other boots, and leathers of all kinds. Download our app and get a coat on your items for cleaning.

Here are some tips for a good winter pack-up:

  1. Give those boots a clean. Salt that soaked into your footwear all season will cake-in and eat away at the material. Give your boots a good cleaning before storing them away. Sprinkle some baking soda inside the shoes for freshness. The inner lining were keeping your toes warm and toasty - for many, many weeks. Pull those liners out and give them a wash. Were your boots leaking? Patch those holes up now, you won’t think of it next year until the day it snows and you need them on your feet so do it now!

  2. Hat, scarves, gloves, ear warmers, hand muffs - they all get a laundering before you toss them in a sack or you’ll open a bag of year-old germs. Take care of leather goods and purge the items you know you won’t be wearing again. If you’re packing things away in a storage box, make sure it’s not a clear box to let in the light.

  3. Often people neglect laundering their coat mid-season. Now think about how many consecutive days you’ve been wearing the same overgarments. So yeah, get those items cleaned before you hang them away in the closet. Store with cedar blocks or balls in the pockets to keep the pests away and your coat smelling nice. Consider a storage bag for your coat for preservation. Check out our price list for dry cleaning (pick up and delivery is free!)

  4. Knit wear like sweaters should be washed and folded away, not hung up as the wi’ll stretch out in time. If you have a suitcase you don’t use frequently, that could be used to store some of your warm-weather clothing.

Start spring feeling light knowing you won’t have to think about that coat and boots for at least a couple of months!