Our Commitment to Reducing Waste


Reusable Garment Bags have always been our norm

And now we are using oxo-biodegradable packaging!

Exclusive Dry Cleaners uses two green-friendly options when returning your dry cleaned clothing. We believe that small actions (like opting for environmentally friendly dry cleaning bags) can drive big change.

Exclusive Dry Cleaners’ Premium VIP Garment Bag

This is an eco-friendly, 4-in-1 reusable garment bag that can help you green your dry-cleaning routine. At home, it serves as a hanging hamper where you can collect your clothing during the week. Then you have your dry cleaning ready for pickup. It functions as a duffel bag and on return with your delivery of your order, your dry-cleaned clothes will be hanging and protected inside your personal garment bag, ready for you to wear.

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  • Made from recyclable non-woven polypropylene

  • Breathable & water-resistant

  • Side zipper allows easy access to hanging garments

  • Drawstring closure at bottom

  • Sturdy loop fits over any hook for use as a hanging hamper

  • Durable shoulder strap for convenient carrying as a duffel bag

  • Reinforced handles for compressed carrying

  • Wide gussets allow cleaned clothes to hang gently at all times

  • See-through front pocket for customer information

  • Recyclable & Reusable

Features of Oxo-biodegradable

For those not yet on our VIP reusable bag, we are exclusively using oxo-biodegradable clear bags for all our clear garment covers.

It is helpful to understand a bit about biodegradable materials to know the difference between true earth friendly options, and “green-washing”. Oxo biodegradable plastic is different than the rest of biodegradable materials. Biodegradable bags are made from additive-based materials in order to hasten degradation upon exposure to certain conditions. Oxo biodegradable materials degrade by oxidation, being stimulated by the chemical additives. It is also important to distinguish between "oxo-degradable" plastics, which fragment but do not biodegrade except over a very long time, and "oxo-biodegradable" plastics, which degrade and then biodegrade.

Advantages of our clear bags are:

  • Degradable & Biodegradable - Test results and proven scientific studies have verified that the bags degrade, disintegrate and biodegrade.

  • Non-toxic - Degradable bags are made using EPI technology are non-toxic and safe

  • Non-ecotoxic - Our bags produce no harmful residue after biodegradation.

Every bit counts and that is why we are encouraging our staff and customers to do the right things to make the world better. Simplify your life. Download our app today.