Everybody Loves a Well-Dressed Man

Everybody loves a well-dressed man and Exclusive Dry Cleaners is on a mission to have you looking your finest. Let’s look at the facts, gentlemen. A wrinkled pair of jeans and a torn shirt requires a certain persona (fame? charisma? schwing? mojo?) to pull off. Russell Brand, Johnny Depp or Ryan Gosling can maybe get away with a shabby-chic look. Most of the time, when guys try this torn and “just out of bed look”, they think they’re cool enough to be pulling it off, but probably (almost certainly) they are not. This might get you noticed, but maybe not with the impact you would like. Most of us would do much better to stick with a crisper, well-put together look for success.

Being well-dressed used to mean a suit with a tie and you would be ready for the office. Nowadays, men have more choice to obtain that professional look, but some principles remain the same. Most guys need to put a little effort into their crisp look. Why do it? Dressing well will give you more confidence and this leads to more opportunities. By taking the extra few minutes to straighten your lapel, tuck that strand of hair behind your ear, or lint off your pant cuffs, you could be in line for that next hot date, big job promotion or fancy party invitation.

Cheetos-stained T-shirts are fine for a solo night in front of the TV, but anywhere else in life, this look will not have you remembered for anything other than that stain on your shirt. You may be looking to leave a different impression on people by looking professional at work or attractive at play. Be sure your clothes (outer jacket too!) are always clean and laundered. Hanging your clothing goes a long way to maintaining a wrinkle-free look. Invest in some key quality pieces and then take good care of them.

A good fit is also important so have your clothing tailored to suit your body. Taking the time to tailor your items will having you looking your best. Oversized and off the rack clothes run the risk of making you look like a box and you could find yourself fiddling with your clothes all day, struggling to adjust clothing that’s just not quite fitting right. Find out what your best feature is and shop for clothes that flatter that area. Bring a well-dressed friend along with you next time you are wardrobe shopping!

We want to help you. Exclusive Dry Cleaners can take care of your dry cleaning and tailoring needs. Keeping your wardrobe fresh and clean doesn’t have to disrupt your schedule, we come to you or you can choose one of participating Penguin Pickup locations across the GTA.