Spring Clean Up


Turn off the furnace. Open all the windows. Get out the cleaning supplies. It’s spring! And that means time to sweep the last vestiges of winter out of your home. But now that the weather is FINALLY warm and welcoming, who wants to spend a gorgeous weekend inside? So let’s get this spring clean up thing done quickly and easily (with some fun thrown in) and have you out enjoying your life.

When you think “clean up”, what comes to mind? The overcrowded garage? the unruly backyard? Dusty bedrooms? the untouched closets? None of it sounds very fun. And sadly, it still needs to get done. Just think of how great it will feel when your space is in tip top shape. Hold on to that happy image! 

Have you been maintaining your curtains and rugs with the occasional spritz of Febreeze? It’s no longer working and it is time to make a plan, so call in the troops and gather your resources. First rule of any clean-up job is to recruit help (hired or get some family volunteers) and make it fun. Find a party playlist, order pizza halfway through and do one task at a time to completion. Purge items you no longer need as you go along and don’t get distracted.

Here is where we can help you get a good start:

  1. Download the Exclusive Dry Cleaners App

  2. Make a request to pick up - Remember we will clean your clothing, leather items, shoes, curtains, drapes, couch cushions, carpets, pillows, duvets, sports equipment and more - ask us!

  3. Gather your items at your door for your scheduled pick up time.

  4. Go out and enjoy your life! Your items will be delivered back to you clean and ready.

It really is that easy. For your other clean up jobs, remember: do each task/room to completion, ask for help, keep the music on and never stop the flow of fun! This is how the job gets done quickly, and you get to go outside and enjoy SPRING (while it lasts)!