Handbag Diaries: Renew precious leather items to give them new life


Do you have a favourite handbag? That purse that has been with you through some of your most epic life’s moments? It is probably looking a little more shabby than chic. Maybe you’ve even (gasp) spilled coffee on your designer Gucci, Coach, Prada, Burberry, Louis Vuitton or your beautiful precious Chanel purse? Do not despair, Exclusive Dry Cleaners to the rescue! 

A great purse is an investment and one worth preserving. Sending your leather purses and bags for a professional cleaning can give new life to precious items you thought were banished to the back of the closet for good.

How exactly do we renew the life of a purse? We not only clean them, we also colour match the leather and restore the purse back to its original glory! In the process, we work to remove any stains and to hide any scratches acquired from your last wild night out or from regular day-to-day use.

Proper storage is key to a long lasting accessory. Have a devoted space in your closet for your purses and bags, or a breathable material box (sturdy cardboard or wood) where you can loosely stack your purses while stored away. To maintain its shape, use tissue paper to stuff purses and lie them flat, don’t hang them. Store your purses in a cool, dark place. You don’t want leather kept in damp, heated areas or in direct sunlight as this will wear away and fade your leather. Never keep leather bags and purses in plastic bags! This risks trapping moisture (causing mold/mildew), or having the the plastic stick to your handbag.

A few preventative measures can also go a long way to having your handbag last a long time. Don’t place loose items in your handbag that can cause mess like makeup or food items. Keep your bag no more than half full when in use, overfilling can stretch the material and straps. And never place your handbag on the floor (this is also for superstitious reasons in some cultures!).

Handbags and purses can come back to life! Make a request for us to pick up your handbags and purses from your home or office. We will provide you with a quote on restoring and professional cleaning of your handbag before proceedinig. Treating your leather handbag twice a year will keep the leather supple and have you looking your squeaky-clean best!

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