Maximize Your Summer Leisure Time


If you are like most busy people, you covet your leisure time. Or maybe your life is so busy that you don’t really even have any time for leisurely things. Those precious hours you reserve for playful activities are vital to health and happiness (at any age!). So how can you maximize your time for those leisurely activities?

First figure out what do you wish you had more time for? What would you do with extra hours in your week? Mostly the things people regret when they reflect on their life is not having spent enough time with loved ones, not taking risks and not doing enough of the things they really wanted to do. What do you wish you were doing more of and how can you get more time for those things?

Dedicate time in your calendar for your down time. Have some unstructured time in your scheduled (yes, schedule unstructured time!) and then do whatever you want with that time. Do it guilt free and notice any changes to how you are in your working time. Giving yourself permission to replenish yourself will increase your work satisfaction and productivity. 

Where will this time come from? Start with looking at where you are trying to do it all. What can you give away? Household chores can be minimized with the help of door-to-door services for Dry Cleaning (yes, that’s what we do! We pick up your items, they get professionally dry cleaned, and then we return it to your door), services for organizing and cleaning your home, grocery and meal delivery and the list goes on and on. And you can tailor this to your lifestyle - choose just one or two time saving services, or find ones that fit your values - maybe that means organic produce delivery or ready to make food. 

Most importantly, prioritize your leisure time and it will become reality. Take the chores out of your list of to-dos and worries and give it to the experts. Spend your time enjoying life with the people you care about. Summer won't last forever, enjoy it now!

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