Camping gear smells better when you launder it first, future self tells the present self


Have you ever pulled out camping equipment from storage and were blown over by the smell of last year’s campfire and three seasons of musty ickiness? You can avoid this fate for your future self! Old fire smell does not have to live in your home.

Spreading out your camp gear to air out at home may not be an option - or a solution - and you may not have an open yard area to spread a tent, tarp sleeping bags and the rest of it. Or you may have the space but not the time to do it. And then at that, you take the risk of outdoor cats or raccoons getting to your camp gear while you have it airing and they ahem, leave their mark on your tent. This very much defeats what you are trying to achieve with spreading out your camping gear in the first place!

Save yourself the hassle! Exclusive Dry Cleaners will pick up your camping gear (tent, sleeping bags, cushions, and other nylon material items), and return them to you clean and fresh, ready to pack away into storage. Next year when you prepare for your summer camping trip, surprise your senses with fresh gear!

We recommend storing camp gear all in one place, putting things away clean and dry, making sure no wet or muddy items are stored away. Use vacuum sealed bags to preserve your gear in humid weather (they come in all kinds of sizes!) and throw in a few dryer sheets for freshness (yes, this works!).

Oh joy, I can hear your future self commending your good practice of putting away clean items! Leave the camp smoke smell for the campsite and keep your closet and equipment fresh.

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