Handbag Diaries: Renew precious leather items to give them new life

Handbag Diaries: Renew precious leather items to give them new life

Do you have a favourite handbag, that purse that has been with you through some of your most epic life’s moments? It is probably looking a little more shabby than chic. Maybe you’ve even (gasp) spilled coffee on your designer Gucci, Coach, Prada, Burberry, Louis Vuitton or beautiful precious Chanel purse? Do not despair, Exclusive Dry Cleaners to the rescue! 

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Spring Clean Up

Spring Clean Up

Turn off the furnace! Open all the windows! Get out the cleaning supplies! It’s spring! And that means time to sweep the last vestiges of winter out of your home. But now that the weather is FINALLY warm and welcoming, who wants to spend a gorgeous weekend inside? So let’s get this spring clean up thing done quickly and easily (with some fun thrown in) and have you out enjoying your life.

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Valentine's Day Approaches: Prepare the Love Shack 

Valentine's Day Approaches: Prepare the Love Shack 

Whether your sweet special Valentine’s love is your long time spouse or a new romance, you’re going to want to have your home ready to impress. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to turn up the heat in the love department - thank goodness it lands in February, when we need snuggles to warm us up. Put a log on the fire and turn up the heat! Make a memorable evening by creating the perfect atmosphere for intimacy with your honey. 

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How to have an Easy Fall Clean-up


There is a natural instinct that kicks into gear in the fall, the one that gets the ‘ole “cave” ready for cozy winter nights. Can you feel it? It is the urge to purge! Now is the time (before the snow hits) to pull all the clutter out of your closets and get deep, deep into those corners.

Here are 4 tips that will help make your fall cleanup a breeze:

  1. Don’t Do it Alone! Recruit family members and housemates to pitch in and clear out the spaces. Look into hiring a professional organiser to help get you sorted. They can spare you a lot of time, headache (and heartache) for a painless decluttering process.
  2. Do One Room at a Time and Finish Each to Completion. Don’t move on to the next space before the other is done Having too many closets and rooms half started will be more chaotic and you risk being left with a bigger mess than you started with.
  3. Be Prepared to Get Rid Of Stuff. It has been shown again and again that having more stuff does not increase happiness. In fact, the opposite may be true! So be ruthless with the things you find in the back of those closets. Get a friend or sibling to watch over the process and help keep you rational in your purge. Be kind to yourself and put things back in your closets tidy and clean - why hold onto a tuxedo that won’t be wearable next time you need one? Suits should be dry cleaned at least annually for a longer life.
  4. Make Your Life Easier Where You Can. Life is busy and there are only so many leisure hours in a week. Maybe this means you hire that home organiser, or add housekeeping services into your budget, or have your dry cleaning delivered to your door. Indulge in some help and keep your space clear and inviting.

With a tidy space, you will likely increase in motivation and productivity to get things done. Get your home in tip top shape, just in time also for the holiday party season!!


5 Great Tips for Sweater Storage

The weather is heating up, and for many people, that means it’s finally time to store sweaters until next winter. Our dry cleaning services are available for any delicate fabrics you’re pulling out for the summer – but now is also a great time to send us your winter coats and sweaters.

1. Clean items before storage

The proper technique for storing fabric always starts with a good dry cleaning. This will remove any debris, including oils from skin, so that your fabric is in the best condition before it goes into storage. While your fabric items are stored for several months, any leftover oils from your skin while you were folding them up, as well as any stains or dirt that weren’t entirely removed before winter ended, will settle into the fabric. Even if you only wore it once, it’s still a good idea to get the piece dry cleaned. The environment can leave behind dust and other debris that are just as harmful.

2. Store your sweaters in a cool, dry place that avoids direct sunlight

Damp patches and wetness could eventually lead to the formation of mildew, and sticky or soiled wool is a heavy attractant for moths and other insects. Ensuring that your sweaters remain dry, but protected from sunlight, throughout their storage period is crucial to keeping them looking their best.

3. Use a good method for storage

There are many methods for storing off-season gear once it has been dry cleaned. Many people like vacuum sealing, because it saves space and ensures that dust does not get near your clothing. However, vacuum sealing can put undue pressure on special features, like embroidered designs, causing them to look less attractive when they are removed later in the year. Clear plastic totes with lids that seal tightly are a great solution; clothing is easy to identify and they tend to stack together for easy storage.

4. Hang a sweater so it doesn't stretch out or get shoulder bumps

If you don’t have room for clear plastic totes to storage your sweaters or prefer to hang the sweater in your closet, fold your sweater in half, place the hanger hook in the armpit, and fold the waist and sleeves over the hanger for a stretch-free hang.

5. Use only natural substance to enhance storage

One thing that many people ask us, if anything, they should add to their stored items, to keep away pests and keep them smelling great. Mothballs have been shown to be less desirable than they once were. Effective odorless products are available, many based on natural substances such as lavender, rosemary, or cloves. As long as your clothes have been dry cleaned before storage, and are stored in an air-tight container, you may not even need to add anything.

By the time winter rolls around, it’s always a joy to pull out your favourite cozy sweater, and find it perfectly dry cleaned and ready to wear when the cooler weather comes around again. And by dry cleaning your sweater, you’ll ensure that it lasts for many more years to come.

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